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Is your pool leaking? Do not wait !

Apart from the fact that a leak represents a financial loss for you, you should also think that all this lost water infiltrates, travels, gullies and can cause in some situations big damage.

Visual inspection

Any search for a leak begins with a careful analysis and observation of the pool. Our experience often allows us to locate one or more problems that may be the cause of abnormal water consumption.

Testing networks

We have all the necessary equipment to allow us to isolate each network and thus be able to test them with water, air or gas.
This step allows us to target a search area.

Endoscopic camera

Thanks to this technology, we can go and see what’s going on inside the network while measuring the distance between us and the problem.

A non-destructive, fast and effective technique for locating a leak.

Tracer gas

Our high-end equipment allows us to pinpoint the location of the leak thanks to the Hydrogenated process
The 95.5% nitrogen / 4.5% hydrogen (Nidron) mixture is ideal for the tracer gas leak detection process.
This mixture is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-polluting. The proportion of hydrogen serves as a tracer gas.

It is a fast, precise, reliable and economical process. It meets the requirements and standards in force.

Water coloring

We can also count on fluorescein to detect a leak on a seal, a cable gland, a crack, etc.

Dive with bottle

We have everything you need to dive in order to inspect, plug, or even repair (temporarily) without having to drain your pool.