We are pool leak specialist!

Specialist in swimming pool leak detection Hydro Leak is your partner to enjoy your swimming pool in peace. Our team is expert in the search for advanced leaks. With the latest generation equipment, we are able to find your leak quickly and accurately.

Our job: Locate your pool leak precisely

With more than 10 years of experience in the swimming pool field, our team has advanced technical knowledge allowing it to find any leak quickly, precisely and in a non-destructive way.

Endoscopic camera

A non-destructive technique which allows to locate a leak precisely

Tracing colored liquid

We can also count on fluorescein to detect a leak on a seal, a cable gland, a crack, etc.

Tracer gas

A powerful technique for locating leaks in your pool network

Tracer gas leak detection

Our high-end equipment allows us to pinpoint the location of the leak with the hydrogenated process. It is a fast, precise, reliable and economical process. It meets the requirements and standards in force.

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Tracer gas leak detection
Leak detection by endoscopic camera

Leak detection by endoscopic camera

Thanks to this technology, we can go and see what’s going on inside the network while measuring the distance that separates us from the problem.

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We are specialized in finding pool leaks

The search for escape is a profession in its own right. That’s why we created Hydro Leak .

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